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Hills Showground park consultation

Indicative artist impression, subject to change and subject to approvals

A new park in a growing neighbourhood

In August 2021, Landcom invited the community to help design a new local park in the Hills Showground Station Precinct. The park will be about 350 metres from the station, and is adjacent to Carrington Road. 

Thank you to the many people who shared their thoughts about the design of the park. During the consultation, our online consultation page was viewed 2,065 times, we received 304 survey responses and 48 comments on our digital post-it wall.

Once we have reviewed the feedback, we will prepare a consultation report summarising what you told us and how this feedback shaped the park design.

We are expecting to submit the development application for the park to The Hills Shire Council in early 2022. Once the development application is submitted, Council will place it on public exhibition for further community feedback. The exhibited package will include the final proposed design, and a copy of the reports and studies (including the consultation report).

Vision for the park

The park will be a ‘leafy shared backyard’ where the community can relax, exercise, play, be creative or meet with friends and family. We want to create spaces that appeal to all age groups and park users. The park will become an important local space in this new neighbourhood.

We need to balance the needs of the current and future community when designing the park. This means thinking about the range of people who may want to use the park, for example younger and older people, people from a range of cultural and linguistic backgrounds and people with specific access needs such as people with disabilities.

Following community consultation, we are refining the design of the new park. The final park design, including proposed uses, facilities and trees will be shaped by community feedback, feedback from The Hills Shire Council and the outcomes of technical studies that are underway.

View the initial artist impressions

Click on the images below to view the initial artist impressions for the park. These give an indication of the types of things the park may include.

The artist impressions are subject to further design refinement following community feedback.

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